Your brand tagline should tell…

...What you can do for your customers, In a much easy-to understand and shorter way.

Nowadays, you see companies using “vague” taglines that sounds cool and catchy but they’re not really portraying in mind of customers “what they sell”.

In other words, there taglines don’t make any sense.

Let’s see some examples for the same and scan what their tagline is reflecting:

Gillette is one of the world’s leading grooming company for men. And it’s been 30 years they’re using this popular tagline.

Problem: #1 if i tell show their tagline to someone who didn’t know about them, he/she can’t be able to guess what their company offers.

Problem #2: In the past, their tagline had lead to a social-media controversy as well.

Engineers very-well know this brand.

If you don’t know, TCS is India’s biggest IT company which is the part of in-famous Tata group.

Problem: Their website says: “ TCS combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results.”

Unfortunately that doesn’t reflect in their tagline. If you see closely, their tagline is basically an underlying principle which runs in every aspect of their business.

And client’s don’t care about the principles ;|

So, now, your next question must be:

“Wait! I agree with everything you said, yet they are getting more business every year, How?”

Yes, correct. They’re making billions of dollars every single year.

And they had spent a crazy amount of money on marketing their tagline. (common ex; are apple, KFC)

But, what about startup, small business owners and SME’s? They’re not having a big bounty budget to spend on marketing!

Plus brand I mentioned above are leading the market from late 80’s and 90’s. (advantage)

In this era, many successful brands changed the way they think about taglines.

They understood this golden principle:

“Describe your brand in shortest space Possible”

Let’s jump into some “Great” examples of tagline usage:

Superb...Polo clearly defined what their product is within 5 words.

Best thing about tagline: Easy to remember with smartly used their product image.

This phenomenal from Uber.

Best thing about tagline: More specific about what they serve. Plus connects with people who often need car driver/taxi.

Dollar Shave club send blades via a monthly subscription box for $1.

Best thing about tagline: Clearly demonstrates what Dollar Shave Club offers Represent the brand personality.


→ Your brand tagline should represent what you do.

→ Use keywords relevant to your offering.

→ Embrace clarity. Avoid clutter.

→ Keep it short.

Thanks for reading :)

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