You own a what?

Why do most people fail to succeed in life?

First, failure doesn’t mean making too many mistakes. In life, you’ll be making a lot of mistakes when trying something you haven’t tried yet. Learning from mistakes is the key.

But failure is doing the same mistakes again and again and not growing out of them.

So, let’s get back to the important question: Why most fail to succeed?

There’s no one reason, we can agree on to answer this question. It can be tools, work, environment etc. can be a differentiator. But there’s a primary reason, that can be commonly seen.

I believe this one reason differentiate Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Micheal Jordan, Dan Lok, Simon Sinek, Ankur Warikoo from rest of us.

Because the rest of us are doing work for Ferrari...for BMW...for luxury bungalow...for any material possession that can make us happy but small in front of who we are.

Don’t get confused...fulfilling our physical desires is not a bad thing. Even i also want to drive a Ferrari.

However, the very goal of making money is to buy a Ferrari, then things get a little uncomfortable.

You’ve put all your effort into buying Ferrari. And congratulation, you own it now. You’ll be at seventh heaven for the first few weeks. After that, the happiness fades away. You’ll feel empty and unmotivated once again. That feeling will be weird. Because you have achieved what you want. Now what?

And again, you’ll chase another Ferrari or any material possessions and get stuck with that same feeling. Unhappy and unsatisfied. It’s a never-ending loop till you die.

This happens when we people get addicted to material possessions. It has its own place in our lives, but it’s not our life.

The other way around is to chase something that’s BIIIIIIIIGGGERRR than ourselves. That’s never-ending. That makes us get out of bed every morning. That makes us inspired from inside. That makes us satisfied and fulfilled.

Then only, your existence will make a difference.

The world needs you, {{First Name}}.

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