You don't really have any competitors!

Whether you’re running a business or working as a software developer in an MNC or preparing for your next semester exam…

There must be a good amount of people doing the same thing as yours. Alas! You are surrounded by your competitors. Now, how will you succeed at the work you’re doing? How will you get that promotion, you’ve been working for?

The other way of looking at this is, you don’t even have any competition. Yes, I’m not joking here, because your skills can be similar to others, your product solves the same problem as their’s but all these things can be improved with time.

Skills can be learned, questions can be answered, exams can be cracked, products can be made better,

However, your story is not the same as their’s...Your values are not copied from others...

Your style is far different from their’s...and this can’t be compared with anyone else.

Your uniqueness is the only differentiator between you and our competitors.

“ You Don't Need to Compete When You Know Who You Are ” ~ Bernadette Jiwa

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