Work-hacks #1: Three productive tactics to use when you work from home!

Ringing doorbells, annoying T.V sound from the dining room, your mom poking you every other second…

These are some of the scenarios I face when working. Agreed?

Now, as you already know that I’m a freelancer and most of the work I do is either from co-working space or from home.

Most of the times I prefer the second option i.e work from home and there are two major reasons for that:

#1: By working from home I save three essential assets- time, money and energy. No travel time means no boarding metro means no waste of energy. Plus, that saves me about 1000 rs. per week.

#2: Flexible work-space. I don’t have to be ready every day to work. This also reduces my thinking energy to decide “what to wear” the next day. Plus, no stressful environment like our corporate offices which forces me to ship my work on time.

But, in my early days, when I decided to work from home, the major barrier I was facing was productivity.

Because when you’re at home, you’re easily reachable by your family, friends, neighbours whenever they’re having any work from you.

This leads to more distraction, more interruption, changing our focus from our work to solve those sneaky little work that isn’t so important for me.

I tried many different techniques to avoid distractions such as using table timers and working at night that miserably failed.

So, from two weeks or so, I discovered some really helpful and easy-to-use hacks, that keeps away all interruptions when I'm working at home.

These hacks will help you to separate your job/business from the family in the home environment.

Wear a “productivity hat”

When you’re starting your working time, tell everyone within your family, neighbours and even your friends, that when your productive hat is on, you’re not available.

There should be no interruptions, not even a tap on the door saying “one need your one minute”.

It’s like you’re on the “Airplane mode”.

The best way to apply this hack is by hanging “Do not disturb” or “No-interruption zone” at your door.

Unplug your phone

You must be having a wi-fi connection at home. When you work from home, wi-fi is necessary.

But most of the times, our mobile is always connected to wi-fi. And after every other second, we hear this “Beep-beep” sound demanding our attention.

The best way to avoid this sound is to shut-it up or leaving your mobile on your dining table so you cannot reach whenever you feel “I might check my notifications”.

Remember, There always be another message, another notification to be seen.

Critical time slot

Now, often, this is the time, when you wanna work on creative ideas or something critical to your life, business and your health.

Usually, great innovation and remarkable work happen during this time.

This is like “Getting things done in less time with ease”.

I set aside 1.5 hours for a time. Everyday. So can you. There are no rules. But remember, this time is different from your work time. For getting success at it you have to complete the other two activities, stated above.

I am not sure this will work for you or not but let’s try it out.

Watch your day, watch your productivity, watch your results, because if this works then you gonna see a tremendous leap in your work life.

Thanks for reading!

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