Work-hacks #2: Choose one work/week.

Do you have Goals?

I mean, work goals?

If you aren’t having that’s OK.

Because two months back I was at your place only with no specific work goals.

Want to know, how I was doing work then?


I come to the office.

First 15-30 minutes of me is invested in thinking “what to do today?”

I complete that work. Let’s be honest, I try to complete that work.

Then leave for home.


Stop here and think “are you doing your work like this only?”

Maybe yes!

In agencies and IT companies mostly all the employees use this strategy and these are the people who complain every time about their productivity and less-energy.

Let’s understand this more clearly.

Our work never ends. Every day we’ll be having something to work upon. So, we try to do too much. And it saps our energy and motivation.

Plus, our so-called BOSSES never understand this thing. (Feeling bad :( )

Your boss has placed two new demands on your desk. You’re on the phone while three new emails come in. You co-worker continuously asking for the help so that he can impress the boos. Phew! A life of multi-tasker.

I was facing similar problem but then, fortunately, I found a very simple and efficient solution.

One Goal. Per week.

Here's how it works.

Choose one big work for the week. Split the work into 3-5 small steps what you have to take in order to complete it. And start the work with a simple step and difficult task in the end.

For example- if I need to write an informative guide, let's say about How to get awesome testimonials that help my client.

First I'll choose this as my Major-work to be done for the week.

Second, I'll divide the work into 3-5 steps that need to be taken for completing it successfully.

In my case, it would be researching, grab key points, writing on google-doc and proofreading it.

So, the easiest work for me to do is open google doc. That's right.

Then, followed by grabbing key points (copy-paste) on the google doc so I get a rough idea of what to write.

Finally, proofreading and editing the doc to ship it.

What will happen by following this process?

  • Saves mental energy.

  • Helps you to ship on time.

  • Increase your focus, Create less room for distractions.

Of course, you can have other small tasks far from your big work. I've too! Like practising public speaking, playing cricket, writing effective blogs for you. But always, keep them down your priority list.

We have to change the way we work. I know, that’s hard. Still, worth giving a try.

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