Work-hack #3: Why your boss is not increasing your salary?

Let’s talk about your salary for the next 2-minutes.

Now, I hear a lot from my friend who is working in some well-known tech giants out there.

Every time, when we have a get-together the first thing everyone eager to talks about is “How is the work going?”.

And eventually, after twists-n-turns, the conversations are often directed towards the salary part, where I see them complaining with a pinch of blaming about how low they are paid.

Honestly, I was one of them 2 months back.

But then, over time, I’ m trying to understand why most of us i.e the majority are not getting paid enough for our skills.

Why every-time we get to our boss for requesting them for little increments, when we know deep-within that the response will be “NO” for their side.

Why we’ve told to keep our heads down and not to ask for our worth from our C-level personalities?

From my perspective there are two major reasons for that:

#1: Stop blaming others because your work is not great enough.

That’s right.

Company stakeholders don’t care about how well you’re skilled. They care about how well you can use your skills. The fact is, skills are important but if you don’t know how to utilize your skills in a way that you’re not replaceable by others.

I see employees who are graduated from “A” level university has a fear of getting replaceable by another person who does the same work, who has the same skills as you.

If you’re one of them, then your boss is right.

Being remarkable is the only way.

Someone can acquire the same skills as of yours but what they can't acquire is your style of doing the work. Your mindset towards problems. Your approach to how you see things.

Sadly, we never talk about these things. There’s no formula I can share with you. But I hope you got the point.

The only difference between normal workers and successful workers is successful people give their extra 1% at work.

#2: You’re not working in the right place.

I heard a story of an English stand-up comedian who was great in his craft. One day, he was invited to a restaurant to entertain the audience with his giggly-wiggly jokes. Getting there on time, with full energy and enthusiaasm he started his performance.

No one laughed throughout his performance.

After the show, he was so angry with himself that he wants to beat himself up because he was demotivated how bad was his craft.

Later he discovered that the audience sitting in his show was Italian and does;t

understand English well.

I hope you get the point. He was at the wrong place to showcase his talent.

Same might be the case with you.

Nowadays, due to the lack of jobs, skilled employees are doing low-paid jobs. I was also thinking that too.

But that’s not the case. The only thing you’ve to do is FIND. Find a better company, which understands your value and where you can do something remarkable.

And the secret is “if you’ll search for this type of company, you’ll definitely find it.”

Most of us feel lazy to do “search” for our ideal organization because of lack of patience.

So, If you’re a student who is looking for a job or an employee working somewhere or even a Boss,

Remember these two points whenever you have thought about your salary in your mind.

And If you’re able to find the problem in your salary, it’s the right time to fix it. As you deserve to get your worth.

In the end, I want to say that these are my thoughts based on my experience and research.

I always try to come up with practical topics that help my audience to change for the better. If this short-piece helped you anyway, share it with you co-workers or your boss :)

Thanks for reading!

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