Work from home: best practices

Before this pandemic situation if you used to work in a cubicle, ur desktop with on the office table in front of you then it’s not so easy to continue that routine and rhythm of your work when you’re working remotely. Particularly, when all those episodes of money heist season-4 are calling you to your bed in between your working hours. I can understand, it’s difficult for a human to be productive and focused who hardly worked from home in his/her working life. No issues, today I got some really cool ideas that help you to get the most out of your workday even in this lockdown situation. Leave your Bed- See, your bed is your sacred place where you spend time relaxing, watching T.V, doing stuff that recharges your mind and body after a stressful day. And if you’re working from your bed...from that onwards you’ll find difficult to sleep soundly there. That can be disturbing for your health. So, it’s better to get off the bed to work on a desk or a sofa. Dedicated morning work- Ok, this is hard but this can completely transform your focus and work ethics. In the morning, our energy is high and our mind is fresh and cluttered. Try to incorporate your high-value and essential tasks well before afternoon that requires your mental energy. Use a different browser for work - Leonardo da Vinci once said that “While you’re alone you’re entirely your own master”. Completely true. But often at homes, our minds get easily attracted towards technology, mindless-scrolling and watching covid news. Instead use a different google chrome browser for work which has bookmarks, tabs and any extensions related to your work. Also, you can use a full-screen extension to hide other tabs for maximum focus. Off the music- I know I know, you are thinking that music in the background enhances creativity but according to new research. Listening to music while working disrupts our verbal memory. Plus, it acts as a noise which stops us to think creatively and distracts us from a ”steady state of work” called Flow (I’ll write about it in upcoming emails”) a zone where we are totally focused & enjoying the work we’re doing. So, it’s better to have a separate time for listening to music but not while working. Afternoon learning/hobby time- This is a self-made practice by me itself after observing that in the afternoon the energy dips that make us lazy and sleepy. So, I started investing this time into reading books or enhancing my knowledge by researching a particular subject/topic that interests me. Trust me, after spending your one hour doing the work you enjoy the most will directly affect your leftover workday boosting your productivity. Communicate more, consume less: At home in this lockdown, you might feel lonely while working and that’s completely fine. Because you’re a human and humans are social animals. One strategy that I use to stay connected with everyone is by organizing a daily standup call with my team to ask about their workday and also for normal short talks. Not only this, but I also limited my consumption to videos, newsfeed and social media and doubled down my communication time by staying in touch with people who are in my contact list. Break your work in 25 minutes- Use the Pomodoro method by breaking up your working time into 25 minutes continuously, separated by a short 3-5 minutes of hydration or stretching break. I'll suggest you use a tomato-timer website to keep track of your working time. Don’t be locked in the room all the time. Motion is the key here. End the day by doing this- A small but valuable tip. While you’re wrapping off your regular workday, the last thing you can dedicate to is to write three important tasks you want to accomplish tomorrow. This way you’ll spend less time planning for your ideal day and more time taking action and doing the real work. These are some of the best practices you can incorporate in your work from a home workday in this lockdown period. I hope it was a good read and helps you to apply any one of the above in your daily routine. Until next time, Stay safe and stay in touch :) P.S: Suggested reading: Top 30 Tips for Staying Productive and Sane While Working From Home

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