Why do you exist?

Who would care if you stop doing what you’re doing now?

Would the future of the world be any different if you stopped doing your work?

Why should anybody care about the work you’re doing?

Why do you want to do the work you’re doing now? Will it make a difference in

other people’s lives?

Why do you exist other than making money?

What makes you sad about the world you live in? How do you want to contribute to making it better?

Don’t just skip the above questions. Seriously. Think about it!

We all spend more than 2000 hours at work in a year. 40 hours per week. 52 week a year. 

If your work is just mere about no. of hours you spend at office or amount of dollars you make, then there’s a meaning missing in your life. And if there’s no meaning of what you do then you will be constantly needing an external force to motivate you. Always. 

Remember: You could spend those 2000 hours doing meaningless work

or you could invest those 2000 hours doing work that people care about.

Yes, it's really HARD. But you'll enjoy it, trust me!

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