Why a brand need a logo?

For that, we need to understand first what a brand is.

A brand is NOT a logo. Or a commodity that’s easily replaceable with others.

If I replace Reynolds pen with link pen, will you care much?  But if I try to replace Reynolds pen with a parker vector GT mountain, you gonna hurt it. Right?

Because Parker is a brand that promises luxury and status to their consumers. It’s not just another commodity.

My Point: A brand is a promise. A set of expectations what consumer/customer/client had when they buy their service/product.

So, logo matters...but not more than a brand promise. 

A brand should have a beautiful, elegant logo to remind it promises to its customers. It’s like, a logo is a wrapper and the brand promise is the chocolate inside it.

Always, a brand logo reminds the people who care about the promises and expectations they have from the brand. That’s the only use of a logo.

Now, wasting tons of money...time...resources on designing “perfect” logo is not a smart move. I agree a brand must have a beautiful, memorable logo but that should not be the end GOAL.

A successful brand like Google doesn't have a memorable logo. Do you remember how many colours are used in google logo? Can you name them all?

Might not!

A brand logo is designed...by keeping your audience in mind not just because “you like it”. If your audience like a simple logo that reminds them of a feeling or from past then it’s good going.

The end goal should be on keeping your promise rather than changing wrappers all the time.

Thanks for reading! 

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