Which things are under my control?

After Malala was shot in the head by a masked Taliban terrorist in front of all passengers inside the bus...she went into a coma and almost died. At that moment she was having a choice, to not to confirm her identity when asked by the terrorist with a Reifel. But she stepped up and confessed her identity without any hesitation. Long story short, malala is still alive. The girl fought for a basic human right of education for herself and the girls in the northern part of Pakistan which was captured by Taliban. Even she won a Nobel prize for her act filled bravery and courage. Fortunately, I’m expecting that the majority of us today have not/are not in such a situation, where a group of terrorists is stopping us to educate ourselves. We have access to the world's best education in the form of courses, books, videos from the masters with just a click and I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this. Alas, we’re still hiding behind the excuse of less-motivation, less-money and the most cliches one...no-time. And we always and always blame outer-circumstances and never take 100% responsibility for our actions plus choices we make. In this quarantine situation, you have different options to choose from:

  1. Keep doing what you were doing before this quarantine without changing anything.

  2. Spend these days just watching Netflix, consuming social media and corona news.

  3. Spend time re-inventing ourselves.

Nothing is bad or good. Please don't judge like this. Whatever choice you make whichever option you opt for, do take full responsibility for your behaviour, metrics and values. So that in future when you’ll see the results of your action taken today, whether positive or negative, good or bad, you consider yourself responsible. Yes, you can’t control if something happens to you due to outer force but you can control how you will interpret what happened to you. The better question to ask ourselves: Which things are under my control? And When we get the answer from within, we should start taking full responsibility for it.

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