When marketing a premium product

“We’ll give you high-quality products and extraordinary customer experience with 24x7 customer care service”

Sorry! If you’re using this pitch on your ad copy to make your audience buy your premium service, you might be losing money on the table. This not gonna work.

Not because the product is bad. But because you’re taping the wrong door with the wrong mindset. Let’s dive deep into what I mean.

First and foremost, Premium products are only for two types of people:

Who have a lot of money in banks and like to spend money on luxury items, living beyond his means. Who knows the value and worth of your product.

This means it’s not for the general public or anyone who might have high income and good cash stored in his bank but still drives a second car, fight for a penny and wear old clothes.

So, if you look back to the pitch at the top...it’s not relevant because of amazing customer experience and service is mandatory when you’re selling a high ticket product. No matter wheather you say it or not.

The best way to tap into the audience mind while marketing a premium-priced service/product is to communicate below two important things:

Time and visible status.

Premium audience looks for service and products that can save them an ample amount of time so they can utilize their time at other effective places or with people like their family, friends and vacation.

Next, they want to feel royal or I should say...different from what the general public does. That’s why these people choose Gucci handbag over any other ordinary bag. Because it makes them feel they deserve to have this royal lifestyle.

For them, it’s more about the intangibles and what things mean to them and how they appear to others.

Positioning a perception of “you deserve this kind of V.I.P and exclusive service” will do the trick when marketing to this type of audience.

Sure, there are other ways also depending on the type of industry you’re in. However, when we talk about the psyche of the premium audience, time, visible status and V.I.P membership is something that is common in all of them.

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