What's your self worth?

A personal yet important confession.

At times, I forgot my self-worth. I forgot about my full potential to make things happen. I forgot to compete with myself and start comparing to people around who are doing great at work or in life.

Please be honest, I know this not only the case with me but you as well.

I believe this is one of deeper problems in the majority of people's life which they tend to ignore with hope...a hope to become well settled, become skilful and then try to work on the solution.

But that’s too late. It’s an excuse to hide the real problem with a temporary solution.

And thanks to our society, the people around us who define “self-worth” as being awesome in others eye, liked and respected by others, accepted by people around you, seeking approval from your friends, family and your co-workers.

In short, society thinks that when we are capable enough of being appreciated by those around us...then only we are worthy and valuable.

My friend, don’t fall into this trap. Because when you’ll seek self-worth like the way culture told you,

You’re giving away the power to others to decide what matters to you most, what’s your interest and what you deserve in life or not. And people will use you, will try to control your decisions according to their need and ditch you in the end when you satisfy them.

What if someone is not impressed by you?

What if people are not anymore interested in your work?

What if you meet someone who is more smart, knowledgeable than you?

You think of yourself as a loser. You might take big action to prove your worth to people, again. And the process repeats.

Don’t do that. It’s a humble request. It can destroy you from inside. Completely. Instead of depending on others to tell your worth, why don’t you give yourself the power to be self-worth not in someone’s eye but in your eyes?

Why not work more on what matters to you rather than just pleasing who are around you?

Why not become extraordinary by achieving your full potential?

Why not serve your “self” first then to others?

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