What's your prospect awareness level?

Nobody talks about these concepts nowadays. Even some marketing and sales teams aren’t concerned about how important it is for them to understand the awareness level of their prospect who they're offering to.

In whichever industry you’re, whatever your work is, you must have this knowledge for making the right offer to the right audience at the right time.I’m talking about the market level awareness or in simple words, how aware your prospect is!

Maybe they don't know about the solution you’re offering or at time, they don’t even care about solving the problem they’re facing.

Before I get into detail, let me pay some respect to Eugune schwartz...who first came up with this useful insight in his bestselling classic book breakthrough advertising.

So, let's get back into the reality.There are majorly five awareness levels of any prospect even if it’s you, me or any human on this planet. First is, most aware. This means that the prospect knows it all whether it’s the problem he’s facing, the solution he’s looking for and even your product as one of the solutions.He’s now just looking to choose a solution from the market. And as a business, it’s easy to close him. Second, problem aware. The prospect has full understanding of the problem he’s suffering from. But, not sure if any solution exists or not. In this case, your business have the opportunity to grab his attention and position yourself as one of the solution to his problem. Third, solution aware. Now, the prospects have read, listened and watched out for all the solutions present in the market. Plus, the results he wanted to have. But, doesn't know about your product/service as a solution provider. Here, you must reach the prospect with everything they need to learn about your offer. Don’t delay here because your competitor is already planning to pass you. Fourth, Product aware or you aware. This is where your prospect knows everything about your service/product. From features to benefits to price. However, he’s still confused whether to buy it from you or someone else. Here, the best thing you can do is to address all the objections of your prospect. No matter the number is...you must be confident to tackle all their questions and prove to them why your solution is not like any other solution in the market. If you succeed in doing so, you’ll make your prospect crystal clear on choosing you and ditch your competitors. Fifth and the final phase is, Totally unaware. No need to talk much about it.Because the prospect in this stage doesn't have any awareness on the market, the solution you provide, or even the need or problem you solve. So, it’s better to skip prospect in this category. I admit that there’s a lot you have to do in deciding which prospect is in which stage. But trust me, once you start working on this, on a daily or even weekly basis, in future you’ll be seeing stability in your customer journey. This will make you less pushy to your prospects and help them to see as another human being like you who is looking for a right solution for his problem.

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