What great achievers have in common?

Don’t expect any cliche answers like money, intellect, shiny Lambos or any of those stupid responses. I’m not interested in telling you that.

What I'm more interested in is to help you understand one common thing great achievers are doing or have done in the past to become somewhat powerful creatures and inspirations for thousands or even millions of people.

Trust me, no life coach or any spiritual personality bothers about telling you that thing. Because let’s be honest, it can hurt their revenue numbers. I totally respect their skillset and even listen to some of them but not all the stuff they talk about to make sense to me.

So, let's get back to the topic.

Whether you take amazon founder Jeff Bezos or superstar basketball player Michael Jordan or popular Bollywood actor Nwazuddin Siddique. Pick any personality or high achiever and you’ll observe that crucial common habit in all of them…

And i.e doing hard stuff regularly.

Let’s understand, if they were doing old school stuff that is easy and totally normal, they would never land at the upper stage and live life as other regular people on this planet.

If these high achievers, used to party every weekend, hanging out with girls, waiting for good things comes naturally to them or just sitting and dreaming about their positive future...and focus on getting all this crap done, they would be an average person today.

My friend, pain is the name of the game. Our brain always distracts from working on things that seem painful and hard at first. After all, the brain doesn't want to step into new territory with proper knowledge or information. After all, making a habit hard stuff means putting in a tremendous amount of effort, energy and time for the first 20-30 days without knowing the reward.

And great people tricked their brain to be comfortable when doing hard stuff, without spending much time thinking about it.

There’s no other way other than going straight through it. By facing the devil, feeling the pain and just pushing to get the shit done.

No one had ever skipped sweat and rigorous practise to achieve greatness. They are also people like us, they aren't born with some special gifts.

Over time, by consistently taking action on the hard stuff, and making it a daily ritual, they became capable and deserving to be a winner.

And what we learn from them is, how we can look for difficult stuff that our brains don't want us to act on, writing it on a piece of paper, convert it not a habit and let it become your basic instinct, a stage you don't have to think much about it every day. Let it happen automatically!

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