What exactly is a good morning routine?

Well, there’s no practical answer to this question as it depends on person to person but usually successful people invest their morning routine making progress towards their relationships, career and personal development.

First, the morning is only time for us to do the things that matter to us but requires a little bit of our will power and self-motivation. Because later in the day it’s easy to get entangled between tasks and interruption that may or may not add value to us in the long run.

Let’s say, if you want to write a book or want to read more or want to exercise 30-minutes every day or want some more “me-time”...honestly it’s very difficult to perform these tasks on regular basis and stick to it, after a tiring day at your office.

Investing our morning routine performing a big task or in other words tasks that are important and not so urgent activities we rarely get enough time to do. If you want to make a presentation for your upcoming project lined up next week, it’s better to save 30 minutes in the morning to make slow progress towards that.

Or Giving your family “a care-time” where you can have morning breakfast with everyone on a dining table to nurture your relationship with them.

Or Going for a community meet nearby you every morning for interacting with others, sharing experiences and giving yourself a deeper sense of belonging.

Our days usually spend checking emails, making phone calls and playing with interruptions.

We get caught in performing tasks that seem unimportant, postponing work that is “must”.

Alternatively, we have the choice to start our day by doing the work that has the power to shape our future.

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