What are you buying?

No...you’re not only buying a product. Of course, products need to be valuable and worth paying for. But at times, even great and quality products also fail to make a remark on the audience.

Instead you’re buying a feeling, a story that brand is telling. In the case of Harley Davidson, It's a symbol of freedom and pride for all those who want to express themselves as exactly who they are, beyond any cultural disputes, background and place they belong to.

Similarly, When we visit Starbucks, we’re not only there to have “the best” coffee. We are there to have a social experience...including art wall designs and music being played.

According to Starbucks “It’s a third place” after our office and home.

Brands who understood the fact that creating a remarkable product with a remarkable story

is the only way to differentiate them from being “just another product” to “the only one” in the market.

So, now as a consumer, the question is: Are you merely buying a motorcycle or we’re paying for lifestyle?

Are you really paying for a bottle of coke or for the feeling of happiness?

What are you buying?

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