“we’re listening”

If you are a daily commuter of Delhi metro you might have noticed a billboard similar to this

Yup! This is Spotify popular and engaging “wrapped” campaign that unveils the music trends and funny playlists of the year! The special thing about this campaign is that every individual user gets his/her personal listening data from the past eleven months.

In 2018 December, the craze among Spotify users went to such extent that they started sharing their whole music history of that year on different social media platforms expressing themselves through music.

Seeing their listeners opening themselves...some famous bands like “maroon 5” also joined the party by revealing their listener's number along with time spent by their fan listening to their music...over that year, took this campaign at a whole new level.

It all started from data they get...but data alone can’t make a difference. Spotify focused more on using that data to tell the story connecting at an emotional level with their users.

Instead of showing just mere stats and facts about their listening history, they communicated “we’re listening to you” adding meaning to the relationship with the brand and subscribers.

Sure, data matters...but the thing is what story you’re telling with that data. Because the

relationship with your customers is what counts!

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