Before you read on: If you’re looking for a shortcut or a tactic then this blog is not for you.

In this world, where internet is flooded with tons of Instagram ads where everyone is showing themselves as the “star-expert” of their, we as consumers have more choice to choose from. We aren’t sure about who to trust, who to buy from, who to take help, who to get value from.

But the good news is, people are ready to buy, to show trust in someone who can understand them well and authentic to guide them to take a logical decision.

The question is, what works best for you today?

Not being a cheezee salesman will work for you.

Not being a selfish marketer who plays cheap tricks to grab attention.

Of course,10 years ago, these strategies might work but not today.

Rather there’s a better, easier and proven approach that can help you

to become an expert within your industry.

It’s putting out value first.

Yeah, I know it’s a piece of common advice but if done in the right way, with the proper system, it will do wonders for you!

Your ideal prospects who are inspired by your work will ignore the alternatives because you will be thought leader who can help them to make a better decision.

Even if, you turn down a couple of prospective customer (with no ego involved) at the beginning of your buying cycle, they will remember you as you showed them the right path to choose best possible service/product according to their wants.

So, the thing is, it doesn’t matter which medium you choose to deliver can be speaking or meeting in person or writing case studies, Just try to focus more on quality rather than quantity,

And don’t get confused by some of so-called “influencers” who are spreading in-valuable stuff for the sake of giving for free.

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