Using THIS formula you’ll able to generate "WoW" content for social media!

20k+ “Likes”,

10K+ “Followers”,

Over 500+ “Posts”,

You might have seen stats similar to that on different social platforms. Chances are many a time you’re intrigued by these figures to see the kind of posts in their account.

Now, I observed two cases in this scenario:

1. The content is shitty even after 10k followers (thanks to like generator tools)

2. Genuinely “WoW” content push me to like their page/account.

Today, I wanna talk about that second scenario.

How you can also create “WOW” content for your social media accounts that pushes people to instantly follow you.

But, lemme be clear,

I’m NOT here to tell how to increase likes and followers within x amount of time. So, if you’re here to learn that, then I request you to not waste your time reading further.

Instead, in this post you’ll learn the “Secret” formula I used for my client, harsh, to generate quality content for his business on the social platforms And trust me it works.

I’m another social media goo-roo?

No. I am not interested in being a goo-roo. Rather, I’m more focused on spreading practical knowledge of marketing and branding.

Honestly speaking, I have never applied this formula to my own social accounts.

Seriously, Never.

The reason is clear: most of my week’s time is invested with my clients, solving their problems. Plus, on weekends I write valuable emails for my email community and fixing my product/system.

But, Yes,

I’m gonna agree with the part that I’ve seen many highly-successful influencers following this simple formula (Including my client) to increase their business and brand awareness.

So, grab a beverage, block out 5 minutes of time, and read the rest of this post...for discovering the V.A.C formula for creating “WoW” social content.

V (Value)

If you’re having your monthly social media calendar, then you must write this word above the top on it.

The novice-mistake done by many of us is that we’re posting anything...literally anything on our social channels. And what we expect? To be the next social media influencer. First of all, why would anyone invest their time reading/watching your post? Just ask yourself and you’ll get an idea why Value is the topmost priority when posting on social media.

You have to give a valid reason to your audience you wanna post for. People don’t want to waste their time on posts that don't help them in any way. And I'm sure, same is the case with you also.

There are thousands of posts in your feed. How frequently to open each one of them? Hardly 1-2 times.

When you’re scrolling your daily feeds, your mind is looking for the information that excites you or helps you so you can share it further with your network.

For that, you need to be crystal clear about your audience and what excites/helps them.

Here’s a simple exercise.

→ Block out two hours, and open the friend list of your page/account.

→ Go through your friend list feeds to track their activity.

→ Discover topics that excite them or helps them.

When you’re done with the above exercise you'll have an idea of what your audience wants. At that time, you’re ready to delight them with your content.

But, Wait.

For providing real value, you must be clear with your A from the formula.

A (Authenticity)

Humans are smart. They know the difference between who is faking and who is genuine.

Your audience i.e the people who’re following you from a long time on social media knows you better than anyone else. When they Liked your account, they’ve trusted you, they’ve given you the permission to delight them.

Unfortunately, because of some frauds people out there who’re playing cheap tricks to get attention and faking themselves as the “King” of social media, leads to a lot of noise on different channels.

And nowadays, every authentic business/ influencers facing the challenge to cut through that social noise.

The best way to do so- is to be authentic.

Authenticity doesn't mean to public your private life or to give regular updates about what you’re doing.

Being authentic is more of being yourself. To be deeply connected with the person on the other side. To value their time and attention and not to spam them. You’re allowing yourself to perfectly imperfect. This means you’re not posting for just “posting”- you’re making each post count.

Buying likes or shares, using models in social media marketing material and photo-shopping product logos into images will only serve to degrade your reputation.

Here’s a simple exercise.

→ Avoid using irrelevant hashtags for boosting your post.

→ Only post when you have something true to share.

→ Communicate in a way that resonates with you.

By doing these effective activities you’ll able to add value to your audience by and strengthen your personal brand at the same time.

This will make your content Stands-out but your goal is to make it “WoW”.

For that, let’s move on to understand the C from the formula.

C (Consistency)

People suck at this.

Yet, a few influencers are using this in irresistible manner.

I have noticed tons of people who don’t have any plan about how frequently they’ll post. Sometimes, they spam my facebook feeds 3-4 times a day and never heard them in the next 10 days or so.

If somehow, they succeed to make a connection with me, after not hearing them for so long I'll lose the trust factor.

Really, if you’re doing this similar thing, then please STOP. (if you wanna succeed on the social channel).

Publishing on a regular basis also gives you the opportunity to learn what your audience thinks about you? Are they enjoying your content? If not, then why not? With this, content creation becomes an easier feat for you.

Here are some simple exercises that will help you to post consistently:

→ Use Schedulers like buffer, Hootsuite for automating posting work.

→ Maintain a monthly social media calendar and stick to it.

→ Decide one day when you’ll create all your content.

The point is not to post 7 times a week, however, posting once or twice each week should be the goal.

Real-life examples showing A.V.C formula

1. Jason Bond FB- account

This is an awesome example of A.V.C formula. Firstly the posts are focused only on stock market trading. Second, Jason bond shows up 3-4 times a day with relevant proof content which checks the authenticity and consistency part.

2. Adam El-Naggar Insta-account

In this example, the value is all good, although the consistency part needs to be improved. The best part I liked is that the photos are giving a clear message that made me trust the person.

3. Ramit Sethi Insta- account

Even though Ramit Sethi is popular in the entrepreneurial world but still, he’s active on Instagram providing MASSIVE value to those who want to learn financial management, for free.

With that, now, you’re powered with those three keywords for generating “WoW” content for your followers.

For the benefit of you, I summed up A.V.C formula into one line phrase:

" By being yourself and showing up regularly you’ll able to add value in people's life "

Thanks for reading!

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