Urgent or important?

Our daily actions signal us what is important and urgent to do. We tend to delay the important work that might not show any results today or in next week or even in 6 months and choose to work upon things that require our immediate attention.

The trending example we can see is of climate change. It’s not just happened over last 2-3 year of time...it’s the results of our in-actions from past 10-15 years or even more. Before 10 years climate change was important to address but today it’s more than urgent. And still, most people aren’t taking this seriously.

When we are in urgent mode, we react to things with short term benefits in minds such as emails, phone calls, tax deadlines etc. Of course, urgent things can be important but not all of them.

The majority fails to see the bigger picture and hence, fall into the trap of looking at each urgent tasks as important.

Important tasks often bring the fear of unknown and we try to by-pass that feeling to focus on urgent tasks.

So, before you start your next task, ask yourself: is it important that seems urgent or urgent that seems important?

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