Trust is changing

Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash

In our childhood days, our moms used to tell us “Don't take or eat anything from strangers” or “whenever an unknown person forces you to go with him/her, just start screaming!” I think from there itself the seed of not-trusting strangers comes is sewn into our brains.

But over time, technology comes into play, the way we trust is changed completely. The most common example of Uber and Airbnb.

In India, where our culture involves lack of trust especially with government leaders and banking officials, people have no problem booking a cab and travel with a stranger who he/she never met. Airbnb goes one step ahead by allowing people to stay in someone's private home. Investors rejected to fund this venture in the beginning and as we know, rest is history.

We can’t deny the fact that trust, which is just like a social glue binds all of us together, is now powered by technology. Of Course, a lot of scams happened in the past because of technology disruption but it also helped in enhancing our relationship with other living miles away.

I support the fact that technology cannot replace humanness within all of us, instead, I feel that we should use technology and inject humanity so we can serve and help people in a better way.

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