The voice in your head

“You are not doing the right thing”

“It’s better to thrash this project”

“You can’t win the elections”

“Your art sucks”

The voice in our head always prompts up whenever we’re trying to put our best self to work or to give a keynote speech or while contesting for elections or to do something creative.

And this voice has only one agenda to STOP ourselves to do that work and to KILL our ideas

so that we can’t make them a reality.

People try to fight with it, but that voice gets stronger when we make our weapons ready.

The best way to overcome that voice is to recognize it because it always is there and saying to it:

“Thanks for showing up, now let me do the work!”

And focus back to your idea, that you believe in. Ship your idea. Make change happen.

But beware, it always is there, inside your head :)

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