The third version

Confession: I learned this concept the hard way or I should say that I know that I’m going to screw up still I didn’t care enough to put the effort and act on this.

Now, I’m kinda “experimentation guy” who likes to play with innovative projects and test them to see whether they work out or not. And often What happens ideas did not fly to grab the attention of people. After all, they were not so good.

Then, I decide to stop the process just by trying once or twice that’s it. No more testing. Change the idea or hop on to a new project.

But, that was a very bad strategy. First, because at least one should give an ample amount of time to test an idea. Second, many times in order to get shit done, I get impatient and anxious that sucks my energy to do thinking stuff. However, a few days back, a simple tweak about the third version concept caught my attention and taught me a simple yet valuable lesson that boggled my mind.

The third version means once you’re building a product or looking to test an idea or creating anything that you wanted to put out for the world...quickly move to the third version of your creation without being perfect. You’d agree with me on this, most people never even get to version 2.0 of their creation/product/art because they are trapped by perfectionism rather than being “good enough”.

The Truth is, you’re going to screw up the first two versions, believe me, or not. First two versions are just test trials. They're getting used to the process. The third time is the one that will work better and when you’ll start to feel more at ease with the process.

The right mindset is to give ourselves permission to screw the first couple of versions without quitting. It comes from fear, anxiety and nervousness and that is pretty normal when you’re building something.

By focusing on taking massive action continuously to reach the third version without worrying about 100 % perfectionism is the key to lead the game from the front.

The goal should be to get to the third version and fix up things that failed in the first two attempts and relaunching your creation once again, for the world.

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