The secret of a persuasive message

No. #1 rookie mistake done by some marketers is to pile up a number of different messages in their campaign, product launch, brand story or any communication medium that may confuse their audience.

I’ve seen a founder (with proper marketing knowledge) committing this mistake in the past when he hired me to work with his SaaS startup. Their website copy used to say something different, their email campaigns are focused around other ideas and their elevator pitch sounds completely opposite.

Means, nothing was in sync with each other. It’s like putting all the ideas in one basket. That’s why their first launch was not so successful, even after creating a stunning product.

So, When I start exploring the core-reason of why their marketing messages are not flying well, I came to a plain simple conclusion that, telling more different stories in one copy, or one presentation or one marketing campaign will never move the mountains.

In fact, by trying to tell less will create more impact on your audience.

This reminds me of a concept called Power of one in communication. After all, marketing is a subset of communicating to your customer.

When crafting a powerfully persuasive and compelling message, focus on communicating just one idea.

Touch only one core emotion of your audience.

One captivating story that can speak to your audience heart and mind.

Emphasise on one big benefit your audience wants from your service/product.

Mention one clear action you want your audience to take.

That’s it. No need to tell a bunch of theories related to your product. By narrowing the focus and centring your message around one cool idea, can do the trick. should tell more but the core-message or I should say, the hidden message should always be one.

You can also touch different angles around your idea but figure out what’s most compelling to your audience and promote it everywhere.

Sometimes, less makes more impact!

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