The Problem with being cheaper than others...

Reliance Jio is known not for their technology...not for their products but for the only venture to provide cheap internet services than other operators within India.

And 9 out of 10 people (including me) had used or are still using reliance Jio internet connection. But the group who gets most benefited from their service is “poor” people...who cannot afford airtel...who don’t have an iPhone.

Indeed they can afford Jio’s smartphone with high-speed internet, dual-sim and applications like google and facebook already in it, everything at much affordable and cheaper price.

Jio is just like other telecom ventures but a little cheaper than all of them. That’s why it became “the poor man iPhone.”

Being cheaper than others is not a long-term strategy, especially when you’re competing with some big-players.

Of course, become the cheaper version of someone famous can help you make a good bounty and gets you to the point of FAME.

But the thing with being cheaper is,

you will be making average stuff for average people who care less about what you make and do for them instead focused more on the price of your offering.

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