The problem with advertisements

Traditional marketers found a solution to grab more attention of the masses to their product/service i.e by running T.V ads. The idea was to grabs more eyeballs...more eyeballs results in increased awareness...which MIGHT result in increased sales.

The same thing is happening now with businesses, just the medium is shifting from T.V to social media and the rest is still the same.

Now the problem with mass advertisements is that capturing more attention is OK but what about making a connection and trust with your audience?

Of course, you can buy attention pretty easily but you can’t buy trust. And if you can’t be trustworthy with your audience then how will you spread your idea and matter to your customers?

Sure, ads can be an easy way to generate awareness among people you want to serve, however, it’s not the best way to engage and maintain a long-term relationship with your audience.

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