The new drug to get “high”

Trust me...the drug I am be talking about is one of the problems why the majority don't finish off the things. This drug is so popular nowadays that people, especially the younger generation, need to take a dose every day in order to accomplish something without getting bored or skipping it.

The new drug to get “high” is not cocaine, nor it’s marihuana, buddy, it’s called Motivation a.k.a “a feeling of immediate adrenaline rush to take some action after watching Chak de India, or listening to Vivek Bindra or by reading “think and grow rich”

Not be surprised by times, you (and me) also get pumped after watching a two youtube video for a short span of time that made us think “I have to do something” and seriously, it works. It will give you that starting drive to work on a new project or starting a new business. I believe it is must to have this motivational feeling because this is what ignites the fire within you.


By continuously looking for motivation from outer sources will make you highly addicted to this as if your life depends on it. Speaking from experience, once you want a kick to start off any new task or new habit, your performance will be absolutely stunning in the first few weeks.

However, as time passes, you find it really difficult to keep going with your goal. All thanks to your emotions which hijacked your brain to make decisions based on desires. And that’s where you need more dose of motivation in order to commit your goal.

So, the problem is not motivation. The real problem is that we tend to depend completely on motivation, overdose ourselves without using our logical brain and repeat the process whenever the level of motivation goes negative.

What’s the solution?

It’s pretty basic. Or I should say it’s all about common-sense.

We are made of our daily habits. And that’s where we should focus more on. By showing real commitment and sticking to productive can beat this drug that is destroying you from within.

Plus, if you want to find the real cause, try to understand the reason why your brain needs motivation every day to accomplish that goal or task! Only then you'll discover how to really fix it.

It's the most practical suggestion I can give you, Without any smoke and mirrors or a quick fix solution. Nothing works. All those who are telling you a quick fix, believe me, they are saying you to suppress the motivation feeling not finding the “why” behind it.

This reminds me of a quote from Jim Rohn: Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Motivation doesn't last long. It comes and goes. Winners focus on staying committed and building effective habits.

The question is: Do you wanna be a winner or just another person who needs a pump talk from someone?

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