The greatest fear

Do you know why new year resolutions never exist beyond papers and goal setting apps?

The reason might be bad planning or unrealistic expectations or maybe any other excuse but on the surface level, not at a deeper level.

The root cause is the fear of change. Yup! Ask yourself, when was the last time you want to quit one of your habits and failed to do so. You can come up with 100 reasons, however, in reality, it’s your brain who doesn't want you to change your behaviour, after all, brain doesn't care about our definition of right or wrong.

Just see in your surrounding, you can easily pick people who are chain smokers and wants to get free of it but can’t do.

Of course, change is something that’s the only constant thing in this universe. And when we go against it, we tend to face hardships at the psychological level that get out of control with the age.

Same goes with businesses.

Blockbuster could have bought Netflix but the CEO denied the offer and they keep playing their old game. Result: Blockbuster doesn’t exist anymore.

Definitely, change is fearful. But I think it’s not fearful as death! Isn't it?

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