The best v The average

When you visit a new city for a vacation, do you look for the best restaurant within the town or just another average restaurant?

If someone in your family is suffering for a severe disease like cancer, would they reach out to a specialist or settle for an average surgeon in your area?

During Christmas holidays, do you want to watch a blockbuster movie with a great storyline or a movie who performed OK on every aspect?

Every day we make such similar choices where we want the BEST thing to eat, to drink, to visit, to relax, to watch, to write, to buy, to live, to invest.

Still, we ignore this fact to become the best at our work, our art, our offices and our industry.

And that’s why the market has only a bunch of winners because the majority settles for being the average.

There’s nothing wrong with mediocrity. But the only biggest disadvantage is that you’ll never be able to become a winner, a peak performer, a change maker.

And the truth is: people love winners. (Re-read the first two sentences)

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