Thank you

No matter which background, religion, the country you belong to, Gratitude works. And is common within all of us. Gratitude holds us together. It’s a human thing.


The word ‘thank you’ is more than a noun. It shows the empathy and love and respect that comes directly from the heart while someone says it by being generous. Not depending on the way it’s said but the inner feeling that sneaks behind and is not easily visible.

We should be thankful for the almighty, to the food we eat, to the people we meet, to the nature that surrounds us. After all, that’s why we are able to survive.

Yesterday, most parts of the world celebrated Thanksgiving Day that marks the end of harvest season and beginning of a holiday season. Yes, It’s not popular in south Asian countries but the message behind this day is universal for each one of us.

The message of gratitude, acceptance and togetherness.

On this occasion,

I would like to Thank you for being part of this Ideas that really matter community. Thank you for being a loyal reader.  

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