Tell the truth…

It’s easy to sell someone a magic pill with a promise, to change their life within six months or so.

And trust me, people will believe you, they want to try your offering to shook-off their problems and for filling their desires in a short span of time.

But, after they use...they might be unsatisfied and unfulfilled, after all, the magic pill did not help them to achieve their dreams of making 6-figure income within six months or becoming an attractive macho man, girls die to date with.

Totally fake. It doesn't exist. And that's what most business people are doing.

Rather than understanding the truth of their customer, they’re manipulating people to pull big bucks from their pockets. They don’t care about their experience...don’t want to empathize with their current reality.

Telling the truth doesn’t mean to open up about your marketing strategies with the people you’re selling to. Nor it means to reveal all those secrets to you know about running a business.

By telling the truth, I mean, to notice your customers where they are, what struggles they’re facing and where they want to be. And to help them get across by offering a valuable solution, not a magic pill.

By completely open to tell your audience about how and why of your offering can improve their lives without any smoke and mirror, without any B.S, will let you gain the trust of theirs, building a lifetime relationship with them.

You still need to make an emotional connection with your audience, you still need to overcome their objection and tap into their motivations to act now.

But, it’s much much better than playing a false game with the people who you want to serve.

For that, you need to see your customers not as a dollar sign but as another human being who wants to better their life just like you!

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