Taking stand

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Amazon strives for serving customers who want online products at affordable rates with less convenience and speed delivery. Amazon takes stand against all those brands who were industry-focused and not customer-centric.

By the way bakery makes baked goods that are gluten-free cherished with high quality. They took stand against other bakeries within the town, who were serving tasty bread by lowering the quality of ingredients, caring less about their customer's health.

Similar is the case with me, I take stand against those marketers who selfishly focused on click-baiting and spamming their customers, failing to see the world from their customer perspective.

Taking a stand is not a fake marketing tactic as people are smart and they’ll know something is wrong. But, when you believe in something, from the core of your heart, you already took stand without even saying it. Then, your actions will align automatically with your strong belief.

Taking a stand for your work and business is a good thing. But, When it comes to daily life, taking a stand means dividing the people into two halves. The other set of people can get hurt or can go against you, even ending the relationship with you. This scenario can be commonly seen in political conversations, debates.

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