Switch the training

Each day we’re training ourselves at certain things that in the long-term could lead to some unwelcome effects or hard-to-break habits.

Like in schooldays, we were fearful to raise our hands because we might say something “wrong”. This small thing is the biggest reason why most people have a fear of failure.

Same goes when we were told by our parents to “not to eat anything from strangers”. And as a consequence of this, we are bad at building relationships due to lack of trust.

Just observe yourself and you’ll find numerous things you’re doing from so many years that is giving you unpleasant results and suffering.

Similar to an athlete, who trains himself before the game day, we also train our mind and body that becomes hardcore habits in future.

So, why not train ourselves for better so after 5 years we can become an exceptional player?

Instead, consuming more stuff, what if we train ourselves to create something each day?

Instead of following the herd, what if we train ourselves to take the lead?

Of course, it’s not easy. That’s why it’s worth giving a try.

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