Survival of Offline Businesses

Every year, in the festive season both the E-commerce giants Flipkart and amazon organizes the big billion days or I say “The huge-discount day” that draws thousands of Indian consumers.

A Rs 2,199 watch was available for Rs 247.

An air purifier worth Rs 32,995 for Rs 23,999.

Woah! What else you want. I believe as a consumer I will definitely wanna grab this amazing opportunity to buy something, that massively affected the sales of offline/local businesses.

Not because they’re local, not because of product quality but the main reason is that the exact same product is available with the same features at a much lower price online.

It’s simple.

However, I’ve seen tons of local business shops doing great even after online eCommerce crises hit the market.

I noticed two effective things, successful offline business done right to gain more sales in this competitive festive season. 

  • They’ve had a good retention rate. Means, they know how to make loyal customers that every year buys from you.

  • Their product was Remarkable than online sites.

This is why they are making more money. And Price was not the biggest issue with them. And Not anything else.

This can be a way (according to me) offline businesses can survive the competitive online market.

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