Surprising your audience

When an angry customer calls the company customer service he/she expects the service guy to pick up the phone, following the “scripts”, yanking company “policy” that customer not interested in, which makes the customer more irritating. 

This can hurt the company’s sales as well because according to the Pareto principle 20% of the customer gives 80% of business to an organization. And that customer who is in angry mode might be one of that 20 % of people. A valuable customer.

If that so, then an alternative to this situation is to surprise the customer! 


When a senior manager or the CEO of the company personally solve the problem of that customer. This will definitely surprise the customer because he/she is not expecting the CEO to find the solution to his/her problem.

This will make the angry customer more than happy and he/she might be ready to “pay” even extra for some of their products and services.

Now, that not gonna happen with every angry customer. The customer service team has to judge which customer is more valuable to their organization.

But yes, treating every customer irrespective of what’s their value at least in a good plus respected manner will make them spread your word to others.

Not only in business, but this thing is also perfectly valid in:



Public Speaking

Or any other field, work, industry.

Just replace “customer” and “organization” with your “audience” and “work you do for them”.

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