Spreading the right message

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The arrivals (a fashion brand) will be launching a new collection of Jackets called “Aer Parka”.

Not like any other typical fashion company, the arrivals keep experimenting with technology and fashion for their customers constantly innovating next-generation clothing.

This time, releasing Aer parka, a stylish jacket that blocks cellular and GPS signals so the person wearing it remains totally immune to harmful radiations.

Sounds interesting. But that is a feature and benefit of Aer parka not the real message the arrivals want to give.

“We help you reconnect with nature by switching off the radiation around you.” That’s the story they want to tell their customers.

By encouraging the people to stay away from technology using their jacket, the arrivals smartly position themselves differently from other fashion brands.

Two key takeaways from the arrivals:

#1: Combine two different concepts to innovate something worth talking about.

#2: Focus more on the message you want to spread with your offering rather than just speaking about features.

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