Special interview with Harsh Goela

Last week, I initiated a new side project called “All around marketing!”.Where, every week I will be taking special zoom interviews of some of the personalities in startup and coaching world, who might not be super famous, but their awesome work is speaking for themselves.

And all the content will be directly or indirectly related to marketing and branding, helping newbie marketers, startup founders, influencers and wannapreneur to reach your audience and make a difference in their life with your work. Also, this will save your time and efforts to find valuable and practical marketing/branding knowledge from a credible source.

Sounds interesting? Umm!

So, this journey is started by interviewing TEDx speaker(over 900K views) and Stock market mentor, Harsh Goela, who has shared some really useful and valuable insights on “How to build an audience from scratch” By revealing his own process of building an audience both on youtube and in real life.

Click this link to watch the full interview:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY7V1AkYZHI

I hope you will enjoy and implement the strategies afterwards :)

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