Speaking to everyone

This is why your marketing messages aren’t reaching your customer's hearts. This is the foremost reason your speeches aren’t liked by many. This is the dark truth most marketers and advertisers aren't ready to tell you because they will lose money on the table.

This might be the biggest mistake you’re making when it comes to spreading your idea or running a marketing campaign. And you aren't even aware of it.

You have done all the prep work but if you know WHO are you speaking with whether offline or online then all the efforts and time you invested to make your idea successful is a complete waste.If we talk about our typical human mindset, when it comes to marketing our idea in any form, we try to alter our message for EVERYONE.

Because it’s a big myth we’re still living with that “everyone is our customer” And unfortunately, this mindset leads our marketing nowhere.

Even, I have some business owners try to advertise anywhere and everywhere without choosing the best media channel where they can easily find their audience.The only way to avoid this mistake is to be clear on who you're selling to.

No matter if you’re doing it on the stage or on yellow pages or on Instagram. You have to be there where your audience is and speak directly to them without communicating with everyone.

There’s popular marketing saying that says:

“If you’re marketing to everyone you’re marketing to no one.”

When you start focusing on your specific WHO you will be able to get an idea of their problems plus it will be easy for you to adjust your messages and offers that makes them tick.

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