Sometimes, you don’t need goals

If you don’t know the destination, how will you get there?

If you don’t know what to achieve or accomplish this month or this week, does it mean you failed?

We live in a goal system world, where people are doodling about their next goals to hit.

Trying out the best possible way to get closer to the goal and in case if they missed the target, they blame themselves.

And we often miss our targets. It’s human nature.

Another worst thing about goals is that they limit us to do work we love. Goals bound our limits and we can’t think anything else outside the goals. Because for reaching the destination, we must need a full-proof plan with action steps that makes us dread.

And then we get lazy and procrastinate the work. You get discouraged and distracted.

But sometimes, we don’t need any targets to hit. We don’t need any goals to accomplish.

That doesn’t mean get comfortable watch Netflix or scroll social media all day sitting on a couch with a diet coke in hand. No.

Give yourself time to explore that you never think off, a new territory. Do something you love to do even when no one is watching you. It can be blogging or painting or washing dishes. Anything, you passionate about. Feel free and limitless.

Don’t feel that you’re missing out of the world. While doing things without any goal in mind will eventually get you somewhere that might be surprising and a new experience for you.

Remember, there is no right or wrong path and destination.

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