Social ladder

In whatever you do, there always be a social ladder that will define your role and responsibilities. Wheather you’re at school or typical government sector or even in the community you’re serving at.

The problem with being in this social ladder is that we are restricted by others when it comes to change something. We forced to do the work meets the specs of that position we’re at.

Ultimately, the end goal for being in this social ladder is to climb it, constantly and that’s how we evaluate our success.

Steven Pressfield, in his book, the war of art oppose this idea and tell us to remain true to our craft rather than just working for what people in the social hierarchy want us to do.

Artist James victore is known for working on dangerous and creative ideas, that inspires the people(and his clients)...performing the work he’s proud of without the stress of other expectations.

The primary goal of doing the work should be to please ourselves first, not the critics and audience.

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