Simple ways to maximize personal energy

Time, energy and attention had become the scarce resources for every human being today. If we start prioritizing will always be on the top of the list. Why so?

It’s easy. If you have managed to save plenty of time to complete an important task and you don’t have maximum energy you need to focus on that task, how would you be productive then?

Of course, you would be busy trying to get that task off the list, but it’ll be really difficult for you to be a peak performer, completing the task effectively.

By energy, I mean both physical, mental and emotional energy. You have only a limited amount available every day. Maximizing your energy to get better results is the real trick!

However, below are some simple proven and tested ways you can try out in order to maximize your personal energy without alcohol or any other dopamine drug:

#1: Sitting position

Watching T.V while sitting on the bed makes you feel relaxed but in the long-term, you’ll find difficult to sleep without watching T.V. Same is the case, when you’re working on something that demands your full concentration while sitting on the couch or a bean bag, mostly used for watching Netflix.

The thing is to not choose the same sitting position for relaxation and work. This will hugely impact your energy and productivity level.

#2: Priorities

I’m not only talking about prioritizing daily tasks but prioritizing what’s important for you. For some it’s their health, for a few it’s their family and for others pleasing their boss, depending on the situation.

Let’s say your boss wants you to work overtime for the completion of a project. Now, you might say “yes” because, in future, this can be a golden ticket for your promotion hike. So, you can miss out your family time pretty easily.

On the other hand, if your boss asks you to work overtime every weekend, this might be a good opportunity to make some bonus money, but you have to skip your weekend family dinners regularly. This time, it’s better to say “No” to your boss or find another job.

The best way to make a priority decision is by judging how each of your options will influence your personal energy. This would save you from heading towards bad choices which can drain your energy.

#3: Side projects

The fact is, the majority Indian employees are fed up with their day job due to one or the other issue. Not every CEO or founder is good at providing a healthy and growth environment. So, employees feel low-on energy when they step into office premises.

According to a study, people who have some interesting side projects going on...are more energetic and motivated whole day even at places where they are likely to be pissed off.

By designating a proper time to side projects, every day, no matter how big or small the project is, will have a major impact on your personal energy level.

Some side-project ideas to start with:


Public speaking

Volunteering in NGO

Daily exercise routine

E-commerce side-business

#4: Gaining Knowledge

Let’s say if you want to create a side-business and for that, it’s a must for you to learn how to build a website and this very thought scares you to take action because you’re assuming, it would be hard for you to learn that.

And this lack of knowledge can dip your energy level too.

The truth is, now in this internet age, it’s super-easy to learn any skill whether complicated or hard within a short span of time. What you all need to do is just a simple google search or order a book from amazon.

By consistently gaining knowledge, watching positive news, consuming helpful articles, reading informative books on a daily basis, make you feel more energized to take on the world.


Working on anything that can positively lift your mental, physical and emotional energy which makes you a better, satisfied and self-fulfilled person.

Yeah, I agree...not everyone can perfectly and efficiently use energy, every other second allotted to them.

But, at least we can be aware of this concept from next time onwards when we are in between making a decision which can drain our energy.

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