Sign of peace and love - Coke 1977 Ad

In the year 1977, Coca-cola runs an ad on world T.V that creates tension and change the culture for good.

I want you to see the Ad first and then read this post further…

Here’s the link for Coca-cola hilltop 1977 ad:

1977 was a pretty dark time for the culture, powered by hatred, violence everywhere. Extremely negative and terrible.

The same year, coke decided to run the ad, in which you’d already seen kids gathered on the hilltop to singing a song about “sharing a coke.”

Unfortunately, most of us didn’t get the real message behind this ad. (including me in the beginning). In reality, This ad was designed less for selling coke and more for spreading the message of peace and love through coke.

That’s right. The basic ideas of this ad was to position coke not as a liquid refreshing drink but as a sign of commonality between the people from different culture, background and caste.

If someone wants to show love and care for the other person, buy them a coke. Simple and powerful.

And that resulted in them in a tremendous increase in word-of-mouth marketing, establishing them as a global brand.

When I finally understood this message, I was like: “OMG, That’s completely mind-boggling”.

Now, what’s the important lessons for me (and for you as well)?

  • People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

  • Deep within people want to stay connected with each other, helping each other to create harmony and peace.

  • Appeal to thousands, but speak to one at a time. Change happens one person at a time.

The question worth asking yourself: How you’ll be applying these lessons to make change happen?

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