Secret ingredient for becoming a top-performer

Let me tell you a secret for that will make you the master of your industry in the long run. And if you don't only apply but also follow this secret from the core of your heart, people will see you as the GODFATHER of your niche or in whatever you want to achieve.

Even top performers like Michael Jordan, Brian Tracy and Virat Kohli have this secret as a common ingredient to do their best work. You can’t imagine any successful performer, artist and CEO who is not using this secret ingredient every day for enhancing their well-being.

And that secret ingredient is all three areas of life: Personal, Career and health.And do you know where self-discipline starts from? Not by forcing yourself to do certain work, not by blaming external factors and making sh**ty excuses that land you nowhere but from taking responsibility and accountability of every aspect of life.

I know, you’re thinking this just as another common advice on self-improvement you’ve heard of. I somewhat agree with you, yeah, I also read/listened to many success “goo-roos” saying this but after observing and learning from winners themselves, I realized the power of self-discipline.

Plus, a few of them also disagree with the fact that motivation is the key to getting things done. It’s not. Moreover, feeling motivated from inside is the fuel you need to complete your tasks and make progress.

One thing more, it’s not easy to develop self-discipline. Or in other words, it’s uncomfortable for our mind to get into this self-discipline habit. After all, our mind craves for the feeling of motivation that doesn't last for long.

Ultimately, you can start with just one task that needs to be done every day, for achieving success at your work.

That one task could be running a Facebook ad or

It could be shooting a youtube video every day or

Even implementing a new tactic for scaling your business.

It can be anything but it should be done every day.

And you’ll see just by doing this one task on a daily basis, it gets little-easier for you the next day and easier the very next day and so on.

That’s how you can strengthen your self-discipline over time.

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