Screw first impression

Humans are very good at judging others on the basis of first impressions. You, me nearly everybody who consider themselves smart in the room, often see others from our definition of good, bad, smart, dumb, wise, right, on and decide whether to talk to them or not.

I have seen this happening in various startup networking events where the attendees from a perspective when someone is pitching their idea or even introducing themselves in that 20-second window given to everyone.

Unfortunately, all that is wrong. And here’s the reason why I’m saying so.

People are weird. They say something and do something else. We don’t have enough data about them to prove the perception in our minds. We don’t know their past, their problems, their behaviour when no one is watching, their family background, their college life..nothing.

By moving forward with a lack of data could create false expectations in our minds, Which kills our curiosity to know more about them. And after some time, we might be surprised to see their actions which are completely opposite of what we expected from them only on the basis of the first impression.

The truth is, people aren’t easy to figure out. We have to peel the layers one by one, slowly to actually understand them from the inside. Just concluding their personality merely from the initial judgemental call harms our flexible thinking to choose the right friend, partner and client.

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