Primary reason someone refers you

Humans are hardwired to share personal experiences they had in the past. No matter their experience is too bad or too good, they tell their friends, family and social circle about what, why and how it happened by showing genuine emotions. Let’s say if you had gone to visit a restaurant in the “x” area, where food was super delicious and their service was remarkable, you’ll remember that experience for a long time and also, rave good things about them when someone in your friend circle asks you about the best restaurant in area “x”. This boils down to a very intriguing discovery of why we refer brands, people to others in our network? Whether it’s on social media or when communicating physically! Of Course, “experience” is what counts but that’s on a surface level. At the deeper level, humans tend to refer to things that either feels them more “cool” or “expert” amongst their fellows. Let’s get back to the restaurant example. After your fellows finally visit that restaurant, they might come back to “thank you” that will raise your status in your fellow’s eyes. This clearly means, whenever in your social circle is stuck in looking for a lovely dining experience within your city...your name will be flashing in their mind. Nevertheless, there can be other external motivations for making a referral like money, gifts, power, association etc. But, that might position them as a network marketer who is ever-ready with a shitty sales pitch only for selfish purposes. In reality, it is always the internal desire of being smart, wise and heroic in the eyes of other peers that encourages someone to make a referral at the first place.

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