Popular marketing gimmick

Let me tell you the “dark” truth of marketing, which is in front of us but due to some or the other reason we ignore it.

After reading this you might disagree with me, still, I think as a storyteller and marketer it’s my responsibility to aware you about this popular marketing gimmick to attract an audience towards them.

I’m talking about the FREE giveaway tactic used by businesses and online trainers.

Now, I’m not against free giveaways, after all, I myself use this system by sending my daily blog on marketing, storytelling and personal development to my audience.

Not only that, My clients also use the same strategy for their business as well.

However, I see business people (especially digital coaches) taking advantage of this tactic to attract more buyers towards their product and offering them shi*t value.


Look, when you’re actually offering someone a free pdf or mini-training, in reality it’s not free because you’re asking for their email-id, attention, time and commitment! In an indirect way you’re asking for their permission to listen to you.

And when finally, you send them that freebie, they might be expecting some valuable insight or new way of understanding or a new approach of doing x, anything you’ve promised to give him/her at the time of taking permission.

Still, a huge number of freebies are not loaded with any value and insight. It was a gimmick!

We need to understand that Attention and time are one of the most scarce assets a human being has in today’s era of overwhelming information. And trading these resources only to increase sales is a selfish act.

Ofcourse, humans love free gifts given that gift must look and feel like a gift enhancing the relationship between both parties.

While creating a freebie or giving a free bonus, not only the value we put in but our intentions behind the idea also counts.

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