Planting the right seeds

I was watching a Netflix documentary-series, chef’s table, where some of the world’s popular chef’s shares their personal stories and unique style of preparing an awe-delicious and inspiring dishes.

The main purpose of watching a couple of episodes was to feed my curiosity by responding to this question:

“What’s the secret behind their creation?”

That’s what I was looking for.

Is it only practice and consistency? Or is it some sort of magic that an average chef misses out?

Practice and discipline matter a lot. It improves their work on a daily basis but it’s not the root reason behind the art they create.

The real discovery may or may not surprise you because it’s a very basic thing.

Remarkable chef’s make remarkable dishes with the help of really good ingredients.

I said it earlier, it might not shock you. There’s no magic wand behind the scenes.

However, for getting good ingredients, they need to plant the right seeds. If this step is missed, by chance, the rest of the efforts are mere useless and decreases the impact and taste of the cuisine.

This insight is not only true for chef’s but valid for the art we create every day. After all, we all are artists.

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