Permission v Interupption

The number one lesson we need to learn is that your consumer doesn’t want to get annoyed by you.

Whichever practices we adopt to hook audience attention towards our products, we should think first from the audience perspective by asking yourself “how they will feel when they notice our offer”. It’s just similar to a fisherman who thinks like fish before he tries to capture them all.

Sadly, most business owners are still making the same mistakes by interrupting their audience with their offering at different media levels. By interruption what I mean is the old advertisement techniques to push your product by bombarding with so many ideas in the form of ads. Of course, when this works, sales numbers increase tremendously within a short span of time. But in most cases, it might ruin the user experience, decreasing the effectiveness. After all, it’s the other form of T.V and banner ads that were popular in previous eras. On the other hand, some businesses use the permission model of marketing where the power is shifted to consumers. Now, it heavily depends on consumer whether they’ll allow that information to reach them or not. Absolutely, this is what information age is! The marketers stop bothering the consumers with ads if they don’t want to listen to their messages in any form. Instead, they first need to take permission to engage them in the conversation and interesting information that gives them real value, not sales pitches. The only problem with this model is...that it’s a long term strategy. Even at times, people who are a fanboy of your content, don’t take action to buy from you. This can hurt the sales number. However, best of all, permission marketing forges a bond between the brand and the consumer which converts into a long-lasting relationship and extreme brand loyalty that pays off in future. The stupendous growth of digital media leaves us with two big choices: Either we can make our consumers share their passion, enthusiasm and ideology for the brand using conversations. Or We can grab the attention of the right people with the right message at the right time for the right purpose with or without engaging. The best choice is the right mix of the above two :)

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