Overcoming marketing creepiness

Majority Indian businesses are thoroughly following the in-famous ways to interrupt people with the help of robotic-sales calls, special offer emails that people never subscribed too. They purchase customer data from data-exchanging websites in bulk which includes every important privacy detail of a person starting from their physical address to their WhatsApp number...only to spam them with their bulk emails. Why are they still doing this act of marketing? Because “it works”. If they spam 1000 people they’re expecting at least one person to respond which may convert but they’re forgetting the fact that in order to find that one interested guy they’re stealing the attention of 999 humans. As the technology is getting involved in marketing, Instead of using technology to serve their audience better, understanding their customer needs/wants, marketers are coming up with new ways to poke people with useless information, offered only for selfish purposes. Words like lead nurturing and pop-up ads turning customers from “human” into an “object” which will move according to that business rules. Alas, by doing this businesses are sacrificing the trust factor responsible for long-term relationships. Now, It's time to take a step back and clearly understand your customer place in marketing. The steering wheel of your business is in the hands of your customers, not you. This means, Your customer will only get marketing messages, they genuinely want. As a human, your customer has the power of giving and revoking consent at any time. Treating your customer not as a data or a stat but more as a living breathing human being will help you make a sense of community where you can organize people around their interests and desires without revoking the consent. This authentic act will be appreciated by your audience, helping you to build a meaningful community of like-minded customers that want to hear from you. Unleashing the power of consensual marketing embracing the front-to-back privacy philosophy will lead to a transparent relationship between the business and the customer.

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