Opportunities and ideas

When Richard Branson noticed that the last flight of the day to the virgin island was cancelled, he picked up a small blackboard and wrote “Virgin Airlines $29” to sell the tickets to people who wanted to go virgin airline and pay that money for the chartered plane that takes everybody Including Richard to virgin island.

Later, he turned this idea into a real venture, popularly known as Virgin airlines.

The problem was not so urgent to be solved but Richard grabs the opportunity to solve it, quickly.

It all started with an idea to solve the problem...for finding a solution to a problem.

But not all of taking a leap forward to execute our ideas to test them into the real world. We fail to spot the opportunities to see problems begging to get solved.

A brand or a person with groundbreaking ideas can also fail because of missed opportunities for implementing the idea to sense whether that idea is relevant and worth working upon.

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